Jaguar XK120, Peter Simms
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Jaguar xk140 Parts List

Xk 140 06/10/2004

Engine blocks (one has been turned)
Engine pans
Engine head 3.4
Crankshafts (one has been turned)
Camshaft covers
Clutch levers
Main nut steering boxes (1 left, 1 right hand drive0
Ball race washers
Shock absorber fittings
Stub axle spigot over ball pins
Transmission rebuilt
Rebound buffers front, center, rear
Crankshaft pulley
Generator pulley
Water pump pulley
Thermostat housing
Brake pedal
Clutch pedal
U bolts
Water pipe outlet
Water pump shell
Coil brackets
Radiator pipe
Upholstered seats original
Luggage rack
Window winder door mechanism
Window frame
Hood mount
Instrument panel assembly (wood with metal backing plate)
Ignition wire routing pipe
Direction signal units
Mounting plate dashboard glove comp.
Glove compartment box
Dashboard wood pieces
Decorative chrome pieces, exterior
Door latches
Wheels 16 inch pressed
Note. Wheels fit mark 5,7,9,xk120,140



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